Jessi received her BFA at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2019. She started her practice in photography, exploring her subjection to self surveillance. With the photographic language she cultivated in her education, her work transitioned into a documentative exploration of self-performative actions. She now has an interdisciplinary practice with a focus in performance that explores impermanence and spiritual philosophy. She also loves working in education. Jessi is currently an artist teacher in Community Programs at the Dallas Museum of Art and volunteer stage manager in Artstillery's production of Family Dollar. She also recently taught a workshop on performing with the camera with the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s Teen/Artist Project as a visiting artist. She is based in Dallas, Texas. 

Artist Statement

My interdisciplinary practice is a rendition of my path of healing, my affinity for the presence change and impermanence, and the spiritual philosophy I apply to the above. I am actively placing awareness on the of foreign energy I internalize in my space, walking myself back into autonomy, and validating how my body is a withstanding, yet fragile vessel in this life. These ideas, and gestures ultimately help me stir and shift what is stuck, so that I may move forward in the present time.